Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Night at the Beach

For my mom's big 46th birthday, she thought it'd be fun to take a family trip to the beach!Honestly, I've never been that fond of the beaches in Washington & Oregon because every time I go there, it's raining, cloudy and cold. Isn't a beach suppose to be surrounded by palm trees, sun and people in swimsuits? Not winter jackets and tennis shoes! It's alright though. One day, I am going to go to a swim suit beach! I am going to wear my flip flops and run out to the ocean, without running right back to shore because the waters below freezing! That will be the day! :)

Anyways, here's the low down on my vacation to the beach! Our foreign exchange student, Liz, who is from Colombia, was particularly excited to go to the beach. Curious how the pacific ocean compared from the south, to the north. On our way to Rockaway, we stopped in Tilamook to show Liz where and how cheese was made.

The staff working in the factory were so friendly and fun to watch! The guy in the bottom left that's waving was the friendliest. He was waving to everyone! Me and Liz decided to call him Henry!

Next, we sampled cheese and got Tilamook ice cream! it was delicious!!!



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  1. Looks like fun--I want your ice cream. I love that you named that man Henry. Sounds like something I would do.